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A bold new initiative that combines medicine, scientific evidence and technology which will move the concept of Precision Medicine to the forefront of patient care.

To educate, empower & serve the patients and medical community through precision medicine—enhancing clinical trials & ensuring advanced quality care for all.


Precision Medicine, a paradigm shift

President Obama Speaks on the Precision Medicine Initiative

At the Violet Foundation, we like to think of ourselves as the first ever organization exclusively dedicated to the advancement of precision medicine. We are pioneers in an exciting new field of medicine and technology, and we see a world in which patients can receive individual treatment for their disease though an affordable customized treatment based on their own genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors.


The science and technology in this exciting area of medicine and technology is complex, but our goal is simple- we educate, we help fund research, and raise awareness for the next generation of medicine to find the best possible outcome for each individual patient.


Precision medicine encourages each patient and health care professional to find the best individual care and outcome.

Resources we offer

  • Patient access to emerging personalized treatments that have the potential to improve and enhance quality of life
  • Improved patient access to clinical trials
  • Facilitation to more trials that will help ensure the approval of emerging treatments
  • Support for provider education on new and emerging treatments
  • Support for services to cancer patients and their families
  • Collaboration with key researchers and thought leaders


The end result is to empower and actively foster the best patient and medical community relationships through the development of technology.

The promise of Precision Medicine



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